Fear Asylum Haunted House
The Fear Asylum is dedicated to the safety and well being of our staff and our guests. To help in the fight against Covid 19, we are following all the CDC recommendations. We are also following all the guidelines set forth by the city of Brookings. This includes masks. Social distancing, staff temperature checks, and constant sanitization. Thanks for checking in.

Twists and turns, new paths to follow, and your favorite ghouls lurking in the corners! Let Sergeant Saderday begin your visit through the Asylum...hopefully you'll make it back out! Do you have what it takes or will you be destined to visit FOREVER?!?

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND... The Last Ride, a motion attraction with the look and feel like you are riding in a coffin to the graveyard! B Block Breakout Escape Room... a mini escape room. Can you make it out in the time allowed?

South Dakota's #1 Haunted Attraction

"The people behind this haunted house know what they're doing. While jump-scares will always be a big part of the haunted house experience, this particular asylum showcases a masterfully constructed set with a great cast of characters who truly immerse you into the experience. They allow you to take your time, that way you and your party don't run into the party ahead of you, which keeps you on your toes as your group goes through isolated, experiencing everything as if you're the first one to go through. Besides the attraction, I also want to note my experience waiting in line. Though I did stand there for awhile, we were all treated to a heating lamp, music, and many great entertainers who did an excellent job of keeping us from getting bored :)"

Amanda J 10/26/19

"Well worth the wait in line! Super realistic rooms, amazing animatronics, great actors, and super amazing amount of work put into this. This is my second year going, and was as impressed as my first. They create a very realistic experience with their scenes set up, and love some of the effects they create, and clever ways to mix up the group."

Aidith R 10/26/19

"Fear Asylum did not disappoint! The production level was incredible, there are some really cool elements that trick your mind here. The actors deserve a round of applause as well, they are very committed to their characters and what the do in the haunt, it made for a terrifying experience. If you are looking for a high end haunt with amazing set designs, great scares and even better actors you need to check out Fear Asylum!"

Jonathon R 10/25/19

"This is a 5 star haunted house!!!"

Lori W 10/20/19

"This was AWESOME!! Most definitely worth it!! The characters are amazing and the effects are second to none. Best haunted house I've been to."

Heather O., 10/5/19

"Authentic, amazing, great value and the staff is awesome!"

Sally R., 10/6/19

"Make sure to get get your Fear Asylum/Terror 29 Combo tickets to experience the two best haunts in our area!!!"

Tamika L., 10/8/19

"Very good time! Highly suggest this haunted house! Lots of details and good people running this event."

Saud A., 10/12/19

"Wow! These guys were the real deal! I felt like I was in a horror flick... and couldn't wait to get out! Effects and actors were just amzing! Highly recommend this!"

Lisa, 10/26/14

"The place was amazing!!!! I seriously haven't screamed like that in years!!! Chuck, you are awesome!!!"

Liz, 10/26/13

"Gets better every year! Amazing detail in every room and around every corner... an Asylum that you must visit!"

Jeremy, 10/25/13

"Amazing experience. I love to be scared and these people provided! Worth every penny!"

Heather, 10/20/2013

"My son and his friend talked non-stop for an hour all the way home about how awesome their visit through the Fear Asylum was. Thank you, guys!"

Joy, 10/17/13

“The actors came out while we were in line and took pictures with us. “Chuck” was hilarious and kept us entertained. The actors and staff are amazing and I will be going back. Yay to all the people putting this on! A big thanks to all who helped me tonight, you were great.”

Beth M., 10/17/15

“Attention to detail in each room was amazing!!! Actors were great, owners were great, line a bit long but that’s any haunt line this time of year. Kudos! 5 stars!!

Joe S., 10/22/16

“The production value is all there, making you feel as though you are really in a strange environment straight out of a video game or movie. For those of you worried about it being too scary, it is not. Has a creepy atmosphere and setting but nothing will jump out at you which I know some people are really concerned about. Perfect for about 4 friends and super fun! Can you escape?”

Matt J., 9/19/16

“Fear Asylum is so scary! We just went through for the 3rd year in a row, and the owner thanked us by giving us souvenirs and a free 2nd time through! So impressed by their desire to make sure everyone has a great time!!”

Ayla A., 10/14/17

“The Fear Asylum was AMAZING! Props are incredible, above and beyond with attention to even the smallest details! The actors were excellent and do an amazing job of scaring the crap out of you! I screamed so much my voice is already hoarse!! Excellent job from the production to the amazing details….you won’t leave disappointed from this “freak show”!!! Thank you for a night to remember!!

Becca S., 10/13/17

“I have been going to the Fear Asylum for the past six years and have had a great experience every time I go. Everyone is so in character and really do a great job. I will keep going back. Tonight was no exception.”

Dee B., 10/28/17

“Must experience. Lots of fun.”

Gloria H., 10/26/18

“Hands down THE BEST haunted house around! The amount of work they put into this is astounding! I thought it was amazing the first year I went, and it has greatly improved since then. Keep up the great work!

Brandi O., 10/20/18

“I LOVED IT!! Characters throughout the haunted house came out to mingle with those in line, great interaction. Staff for ticketing and concessions were very friendly. Performances and ambiance inside were wonderful and well composed! Thank you so much!! If you haven’t checked this haunted house out I highly recommend it!

Jon R. , 10/20/18

“Best haunted house experience I’ve had. You guys have it figured out, awesome job!!"

Jo Jo, 10/26/18

“We had a great time and they always do a good job scaring. Great props and the people were awesome. We are never disappointed. If you are looking for something fun I would recommend you checking it out.

Joyce P., 10/27/18

“It was awesome. My first time last night. We drove all the way from Sioux Falls to get scared.”

Marion C. 10/27/18

“Excellent scares, costuming, actors, and stage design! If you don’t go, you’ve missed out on something amazing.”

Becky E., 10/27/18

“This was AWESOME!! Most definitely worth it!! The characters are amazing and the effects are second to none. Best haunted house I have been to.”  

Heather O., 10/5/19

“Great experience, definitely recommend!”

Andrea  H., 10/5/19

“Wonderful!!! Love it! Would recommend to anyone.”

John S., 10/4/19

Not for kids

Fear Asylum Haunted House is aimed towards mature teens and adults. IT IS NOT intended for children.