With 2 shows in 1 Attraction, the Fear Asylum alone is certain to fill your need of terror and horror, but if that’s not enough you can also go on your Last Ride and experience being taken in a hearse and buried in the ground alive. Not ready to call it a night yet? Test your mental agility and wit with the B-Block Breakout and Abduction Escape Rooms, try not to over think them or risk being driven mad and becoming a patient at the Fear Asylum yourself.


10 Minute time limit

Minimum 2 people

Keep on your toes,

& move quickly to outwit your captor!

B-Block Breakout

5 Minute time limit

Minium 2 People

Work together to escape your cells, outwit the guards & complete the jailbreak!


Burial Simulator

Solo Experience

hear the sounds, feel the movements, smell the roses, dirt & decay while being buried alive.