Unearth Terror

Featured Horrors Await

Explore our bone-chilling offerings that will test your courage and haunt your dreams.


Fear Zones

Step into various themed zones where nightmares come to life, from cursed corridors to ghastly chambers, each designed to rattle your senses.


Nightmare Walk

Join our guided tour through the darkest corners of the Asylum, where the echoes of past horrors linger, and every step leads you closer to fear.


Graveyard Secrets

Embark on a spine-chilling journey to uncover the mysteries buried within the cursed burial grounds, where restless spirits and unearthly creatures reside.

Dare to Diverge

Discover what sets us apart – a fusion of immersive storytelling, spine-tingling scares, and sinister surprises that redefine the haunted attraction experience.

Unveil Terrifying Secrets

Delve into a world full of hidden horrors and chilling mysteries, uncovering the dark truths of the Covert Experimentation Center.

Immersive Haunts

Engage in interactive experiences that blur the line between fantasy and reality, immersing you in the horrors of Brookend Asylum.